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All You Need To Know about Dirttrapper Mats.

All You Need To Know about Dirttrapper Mats

Everybody’s talking about our original Dirttrapper mats which are literally trapping dust, dirt, dribbles and debris in numerous situations across the UK, from domestic doorways to caravan floors, boat interiors to bar counters.

Wherever Dirttrapper is the topic of discussion questions are asked. We’ve taken note of some of the most frequently asked questions so we can answer them here. We always welcome more queries though, so if there’s anything else you’d like to know please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What sizes do Dirttrapper Mats come in?

Our Dirttrapper doormats come in four standard rectangular sizes (all with rounded corners):

  • 40cm X 60cm
  • 75cm X 50cm
  • 75cm X 100cm
  • 75cm X 150cm

We are able to supply made-to-measure Dirttrapper mats with dimensions of your choice within the parameters of 40cm to 150cm wide and 60cm to 400cm long (rounded up to the nearest cm).

How thick is a Dirttrapper Mat?

Dirttrappers have low profile pile and a thin but effective multi-grip nitrile rubber backing, which together gives a thickness of around 1cm – excellent for fitting under low-hung doors.

What is the difference between Dirttrapper Door Mats & Dirttrapper Pet mats?

There is no difference – both are made with the same technology, using the same materials. We advocate our mats as being perfect for pet owners – muddy paws are no more!

What colours do Dirttrapper mats come in?

You can choose from a range of 7 different attractive colours – something to suit any situation:

  • Slate (Dark Grey)
  • Anthracite (Lead pencil Grey)
  • Cinnamon (Terracotta)
  • Coffee (Brown)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Cappucino (Beige)

Can Dirttrapper mats be cut to size?

Yes. Dirttrapper mats are constructed with the fibres being individually inserted into the nitrile rubber backing, so they can be cut with a Stanley knife or suitably sharp and robust scissors without any danger of fraying. We do recommend that you wash the rug a few times before cutting because a small level of shrinkage may occur. Please note that cutting your Dirttrapper Mat will invalidate your five  year guarantee.

Can Dirttrapper mats be fitted into a mat well?

Because they can be cut or trimmed to fit (see the question above), Dirttrapper mats can easily be used in a mat well. The mats are not very thick, however, so you may need to use a filler pad in the base of the well to bring the Dirttrapper up to a level that is flush with the floor.

How do I wash a Dirttrapper Mat?

Dirttrapper Mats can either be hand or machine washed up to 40°C, using a colour kind non-biological detergent that does not contain  bleaching agents/optical brighteners, as this helps to preserve the colour of the mat. Please do not add fabric conditioner or use washing liquids/capsules/ powder with added conditioner as this will reduce the absorbency of the cotton pile of the mat. We recommend lifting and washing your Dirttrapper Mats monthly to improve the absorbency of your mat, allow for cleaning under the mat and for the flooring to be exposed to light. Dirttrapper Mats can be tumble dried or left to dry naturally. When washing/drying check the filters on your machine as directed by the manufacturer and also check the load limit on your machine, as large Dirttrapper Mats can be heavy when wet.

Why is it recommended to wash a Dirttrapper Mat before using it?

Washing is good for a Dirttrapper. It lifts the pile and improves the absorbency. Like many cotton pile products (towels for example) absorbency is improved when the product has been washed free of any yarn dressing.

How long do Dirttrapper mats last?

Dirttrapper mats come with a 5-year guarantee, but most outlive this by a long way. We have had customers coming back to replace their worn out mats after using them for 15 years or more.

What is the backing of a Dirttrapper Mat made of?

Our multi-grip backing material is 100% recycled nitrile rubber. This means the backing is non-damaging, anti-stain, free of both PVC and vinyl. Note however that a combination of certain cleaning products, sunlight and heat may affect some types of flooring when it is covered by a mat, perhaps causing discolouration. This is beyond our control. We recommend that you lift and launder your mat frequently (at least once a month) to allow the floor underneath to be cleaned and aired.

The nitrile backing renders the mat anti-slip, and is engineered to minimise movement on the floor as much as possible (depending on the type of flooring). If you find your mat is moving we recommend using a gripper tape available from Amazon.

Are Dirttrapper Mats recommended for Karndean flooring?

Yes, the Karndean brand of designer flooring recommends our mats. The mats work just as well on many other specialist flooring brands – please check with the manufacturer before you use a Dirttrapper and lift and launder the mat frequently to ensure the flooring below stays clean and aired.

Can Dirttrapper mats be placed on flooring with underfloor heating?

Yes, Dirttrapper Mats with their multi-grip nitrile backing are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

What is the Delivery time for a Dirttrapper mat?

A single small standard (75cm X 50cm) mat delivery will be posted with Evri to reach you next day. Other orders are handled by DHL, also for next day delivery (if ordered before 11.30am) where possible. Some products like made-to-measure mats, personalised and logo mats might take longer to arrive.

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