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Aftercare of Your Dirt Trapper Mat

We're so confident that you'll enjoy your British made Dirt Trapper door mat or rug for a long time to come that we give you a five-year guarantee on purchase.

We do, however, have to rely on you to keep your Dirt Trapper clean to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Don't worry… we're not out to add hugely to your list of regular chores, but you will surely appreciate that your trusty door mat is your first line of defence against the dirt coming indoors, so hopefully you won't begrudge giving your Dirt Trapper the odd clean.

All this entails is a regular washing, in a regular washing machine. When we say "regular" that depends on the amount of use your door mat has. As a general rule you should wash it when it looks grubby, but you don't have to be afraid of washing it too often. With the Dirt Trapper, believe it or not, the more you wash it the better it will be, because cotton just loves to get wet.

The nitrile rubber backing is resilient enough to withstand any number of washes without losing its waterproof and non-slip properties, and the colours on our quality mats will not fade with frequent washing.

While machine washing works fine, we've had some customers opt for occasionally blasting their larger mats with a power-washer. That works too - and you'll find your Dirt Trapper quite happy with the rough treatment!

How to wash your Dirt Trapper Door Mat

NOTE: Wash your Dirt Trapper mat immediately before you begin to use it. This initial washing helps separate and soften the cotton pile and the soaking then drying will activate the cotton fibres into maximum absorbency mode.

1. Wash in a machine using an everyday detergent at a temperature no higher than 60º C.

2. Do not use any fabric conditioner/softener because this can inhibit the mat's dirt trapping properties.

3. We suggest washing your Dirt Trapper loosely rolled inside an old pillowcase, to prevent any loose lint from clogging up your washing machine filter.

4. Wash your Dirt Trapper rug on its own.

5. After washing you can hang your Dirt Trapper out to dry, or dry it in a tumble-drier on a low heat setting. If the mat dries naturally, give it a brush to fluff it up once dry.

6. Make sure your mat is completely dry before putting it back in place, to prevent moisture being trapped between the rubber backing and the floor.


In between washes you can freshen up your Dirt Trapper by giving it the once over with a vacuum cleaner, a hearty shake or stiff brushing. This ensures that it keeps looking good and the pile stays fluffed up and ready to trap that incoming dirt and moisture.

It is a good idea to lift your mat occasionally when you are vacuuming or cleaning the floor so you can keep the margin round the mat dust free. Keep the rubber backing of the mat clean so as not to interfere with the non-slip multi-grip properties.

That's all it takes for your Dirt Trapper mat to provide you with a grand entrance for many years.

"Following a nasty fall on slippery tiles after a heavy downpour, a friend bought me one of your mats. It never moves, and I can now wipe my feet with confidence..."

Miss Parsons, Tooting

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